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J-Rock is our obsession, yeah. I'm hosting this community for my best friend, who's name I won't utter. *bawahahahaha* 'Ello, I'm Deja the moderator for this community. ^^ This is a J-Rock Roleplaying community for us strange J-Rock fans who can only pretend we are them. Also this can be {or probably will become} a yaoi roleplay. For you who don't know what yaoi is {you poor soul} is boyXboy relationships. Or in simple terms: boys who are gay and sleep with each other. *nods*


All posts shall be done in the third person, preferably past tense verbs. {ex: He slowly walked over and said "blahblah blah".} We would like to keep everyone on the same page. Please keep track of your own character. You are only allowed to be one JRocker. Don't ask for more than one or other minor made up characters. One person to one J-Rocker. No two people can be the same J-Rocker, okay? That's not fair to other people and stuff. {God, I sound like my mum, uh?}

Also, please, if you should rp with anyone outside of livejournal, post it up on Suika Wari later. That way the entire community is kept up to date on what is going out... dawg. *nervous glance*

Any that is "NC-17" should go behind an lj-cut, you know... young children. Oh and if it "NC-17" warn the commuity... Becase someone might click on it and might not one to read random graphic sex with two pretty boys. {as much as it's a shock to us hardcore jrock/visual kei/yaoi/other strange sex things fans?}

If you would like to join if please e-mail me, address it to Shika (manekinko@aol.com). The subject should be something like Suika Wari RP... don't worry I don't bite! All members WILL be approved by the moderator. I just want to keep a nice bunch of Jrock fans. If I choose to let you in then post in the community's journal the following:

Which J-Rocker you want to be:
What band they are from:
Your character's journal: {this isn't needed but we would like you to have one}
Anyother random information:
Lastly way of contacting your character: {ex: AIM -or- yahoo messager}

Thank you~! And enjoy your stay! ^^


These are the roles that have been taken:

Aliene Ma'riage

Mast divine_mast


Emiru enka_ribbons


Kazu kazu__kun

Schwarz Stein

Kaya corroded_cage


Miyavi (ex- Due le Quartz) oresama_miya

Thank you for dropping by. *bows* ^^;;;