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Ueno Park [Aug. 3rd, 2004|08:02 pm]
[Current Mood |goodgood]

((This is when Mast and Emiru first bump into each other in Ueno Park. It happened long time ago, but I felt it was needed so just read and be sicken by gross cute-ness. XD I like it so blah))

Emiru strolled down one of the many pathways of Ueno Park. In one hand he carried a basket of goodies to eat and in the other he had ogi. He loved walking around the park. He closed his eyed and let the sun beat down on his face as he sauntered. Emiru had gone out of his way to look extra cute today. From the tip that Kaya-san gave him, he bought a lovely floral two-piece skirt and corset. And with his high collar lacey white shirt, Emiru felt it was so fitting in a park.

Mast gloomily stomped on the grass. He grumbled to myself about all the stupid rules as he dug his heels into the grass. It was a sunny day, the birds were singing, and happy people were out. He hated the sun. He hated the birds. And he especially hated people. Finally after he felt he had done a good job of destroying the grass Mast tramped out into the pathway and right into a passer-by, which just so happened to be a small girl in floral.

Emiru fall hard onto the trail. The fall had given him a fright. He looked up very dazed. The contents of his basket were sprinkled about and his ogi had gone missing. Emiru could also feel that the fall had scraped up his hands and now he had a large hole in his white tights. He glared angrily at the person who had so carelessly walked into him.

It was difficult for Mast to get into a sitting position from all the layers of petticoats and black dresses he wore. After patted them down and fixing his bonnet he glanced down at the girl aloofly. He had always felt slightly entitled. Finally he decided to speak “Are you okay miss?” He hissed. Mast gave this girl a look over. He couldn’t figure out why all this girls wanted to dress like this, it only looked good on boys anyways.

Emiru pouted which would become his trademark face. “I’m quite fine, although I’ve ruined my stockings and my lunch is thrown about.” He glared again, which only made him less frightening. He didn’t know whom this other boy thought he was, but Emiru wasn’t going to let him get away with it. “Besides! What makes you think I’m a girl? Are you girl, I think not.” Emiru scoffed showing his rarely seen snobby side.

Mast blinked a couple times as silence wrapped the two boys. “… Anou… You are a boy?” Mast looked hard at the new discovered boy. He face softened and lips curled into a delightful smile. “Sorry… “ Mast sighed and bowed his head apologetically. Finally Mast pulled himself up and off the other boy. He dusted he long puffy dress and picked the grass leaves out.

Emiru got up as well and patted himself down. He couldn’t figure out why the other boy’s mood changed so quickly after he found out that Emiru was a he. “’Tis okay… happens all the time.” Emiru smiled humbly. He glanced down at the hole in his tights and frown slightly. His stockings were ripped. His little mind worked out a plan of making more holes so maybe it looked like Emiru bought them like that. “…Desu Emiru.” Emiru gazed up again at the boy clad in black and offered an adorable smile.

Mast received the smile happily. “Desu Mast.” He replied in chipper voice before doing a quick twirl and posing dramatically. Mast chuckled at his silliness. “Here… let me help you pick up all this stuff. It’s the least I can do.” Mast bent down and started picking up the packaged goods. He looked at all the random treats Emiru had brought to the park, and every single was junk food. “… Emiru-san… err… I don’t think cream puffs are that good for you as lunch…” Mast gave a nervous smile.

Emiru started to help Mast pick up his yummy food. “… Please Mast-chan, call me Emiru-chan or something other than –san… It makes me feel old.” He replied in-between giggles. “… Cream puffs are perfectly fine for lunch. And dinner.” Emiru pouted but quickly smiled at Mast.

Mast placed the treats into the basket. “Okay okay, Emi-chan.” He handed the basket back to it’s owner. “Sorry again… I was thinking about stuff.” Mast beamed at Emiru.

Emiru bowed his head when Mast gave him back his basket of treats. “It’s really okay. I’ll live. It’s not like it’s the first time I fell.” Actually far from it Emiru was known to fall and trip a lot. He fell so much that he looked it to living a bubble.

“Oh, I love your dress.” Mast said and patted the other boy on the leg. He leaned down to look at the fabric. “… I’m trying to start my own fashion line…” he said and continued to feel out the fabric. After he was done with his work and gave Emiru a charming smile.

Emiru almost fell over again at Mast’s openness. “Thank you Ma-chan” he coughed from his embarrassment. “Oh… that’s very cool.” And blushed like crazy but calm down has Mast took himself from Emiru skirt.

Mast glanced at Emiru before hugging the other boy. "I have to get out of this sun... But here, this is my phone number. Please call me. Maybe we can go hang out sometime, okay?" Mast quickly added. The sun was going to bake him alive. If only it was night. The night was a lot better.

Emiru nodded his head and took the number. He bowed at Mast. Something told him that the two would become the best of friends. "And this is my number, Ma-chan." Emiru smiled again at his new friend. "I hope you feel better" And with that he skipped off happily with his basket totally forgetting all about his ogi.

Mast smiled to himself. And once again stomped off to the exist of the park. Emiru was just the person he wanted in a friend.