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.the restaurant. [Jul. 21st, 2004|03:56 pm]
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((ooc: now this time is charming little {and unfinished} tale of queen kaya-san and poor little emiru-chan. enjoy reading ^^ ... and thank to asuna-chan for the naming the restaurant, le beau garçon. yay!))

emiru sighed as he changed in the back lockers at his work. he was a waiter. a waiter at a japanese-french restaurant. emiru hated his job, but he the clothes he loved so much were so expensive and he needed money to pay for them. the job was okay, but he hated changing into his uniform. it made him look like a him. he quietly slipped into his black pants and pulled back his blench blonde hair into a semiformal ponytail. the pants were already itching against his skin. he grumbled to himself as he stomped out into the dinning area.

Kaya sat at his usual table. He ran his fingers lightly over the rim of his wine glass sighing. when is that damn waiter going to get here, he thought to himself as he played with the glass. He was getting annoyed, no one had told him he was pretty today and he had even put a whole ten more minutes in perfecting his make-up this morning!!!

emiru slowly trudged over to his selection and stopped at the first table without really looking on the people he was to waiting on. he also forgot to remove his make up again, his boss didn't find it amusing when emiru had little pink hearts painting under his eyes. glanced up at his customer. his customer was wearing that black mini-glown that emiru had been saving up for three weeks. his jaw dropped. how pretty it looked on a real person.

Kaya smiled at the pretty boy and looked down at his wonder glass again staring at the reflection of the young waiter in the dark colored liquid. he smoothly said the waiter "you are a little out of place here aren't you? he dabbed his napkin in the water glass next to him and handed it to Emiru " the make up is nice but I wouldn't want you to get fired over it" he said motherly dabbing at the little hearts. "besides you need to pay for those clothes I am sure you hide from your boss"

emiru blinked stupidly as the other boy wiped his face. he could feel himself blush from embarrassment "hai... hai..." emiru almost squealed. did his customer read his mind? ".... can i take your order?" emiru could tell that the other boy was much older than him. he fidgeted as his glanced up and down his customer, taking notes of his heights, hair, and make up.

"oh yes, of course" Kaya proceeded to read off his order and then realized he didn't even know the waiters name and he had just whipped the other boys face with his napkin a little embarrassed now too he asked the boy's name before he left to put in his order. He silently cursed at himself for being so-so rude

emiru tilted his head slightly still flushed from before. "...my friends call me emiru..." he answered in a hushed voice. he didn't want his boss to hear him and bowed out of natural reaction. he quickly stood up straight and giggled lightly. oh he wished that he was in his dress again. his pants were driving him insane. they were so itchy. he really wanted to scratch them but he'd look so stupid in front of this other boy. other boy? "sir... what's your name?"

The older boy smiled happily and replied "Kaya... my name is Kaya" nodding his head in approval he said to the waiter "I am delighted to meet such a nice boy, Emiru. I hope you work here for awhile because this so happens to be my favorite restaurant"

emiru giggled and batted his eye lashes. "hai" he bowed once again and quickly trotted over the kitchen to place kaya's order. kaya-san. he sighed lightly to himself. he found another boy who was almost like him. he sighed a loud again. he only wishes that he met kaya someplace other than his work. kaya-san could never see how cute emiru could dress and be.

Kaya sat at his table pondering over this rare find and in HIS restaurant of all places...the young boy was so cute fumbling over himself and yet trying to act calm and collected. He found that incredibly cute. Kaya smiled maybe he should get to know this boy a little better. Kaya sat and watched the costumers around him. He had long ago gotten over the amount of stares he received from others. He was beautiful. He was the Queen and should be feared and yet respected... He turns to his driver and asked him if he wanted to earn some extra money. The driver replied with a nod and Kaya whispered something into his ear. within five minutes the driver was off in through the "employees only" room

emiru raced quickly around the kitchen and other rooms behind the doors of sitting area. he started to day dream yet again not paying attention to the cooks yelling his name. a bad habit of his. he thought of his dresses and kaya-san and kyoka-chan and then something about pink bunnies. Finally after getting thwacked upside the head, emiru ran out.

Kaya saw Emiru stumble out of the kitchen and into the dinning room a little dazed and laughed "silly boy" he mumbled to himself. He it was almost ll and he was still waiting for his meal. Kaya loved a late night dinner it was so...romantic he spent awhile thinking back through almost forgotten memories of past lovers he had been with and then his mind began to wander "....I wonder where my driver is with those work hours of Emiru...he should have been back by now if he isn't soon he is going to miss dinner!" he thought..then he thought to himself "ahhh what a nice boy that Emiru is too bad he is so young...maybe I could take him out on his off hours...."

after racing around here and there with plates emiru finally brought kaya his dish. he bowed still blushing from earlier and also from his daydreaming. he was still young and didn't have that much experience in relationships. as his mother had said, emiru was fresh meat, although emiru never fullly understood the expression. "here you go kaya-san" emiru bowed and hoped that kaya-san couldn't see how flustered emiru was. "enjoy."

Kaya thanked Emiru but not before asking him to join him it was to much of a chance to slip up he seemed to like this boy. He seemed to be just the kind of friend that Kaya needed... finally building up the courage to ask he looked up at Emiru and asked "would you care to join me? we could split the food and then I could take you home after your shift...that is you would like to..."

emiru stood stiff at the question kaya just asked. hai, i would love to kaya-san, that is what emiru wanted to say but the only thing that seemed to come who was "...... anou....." emiru couldn't even imaged how the shocked played on his face and he looked terrible. oh how he longed for his dress, his make-up, his bloomers, and his stalkings.