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.the happy ending. [Jul. 8th, 2004|10:17 pm]
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((occ: this is the ending to emiru's crazy little adventure with the 'ugly' bug. kyoka, the dark prince, save emiru from an ugly doom. sweet and short. *winks* enjoy))

emiru came stumbling down the hall. his eyeliner was wiped over over his cheeks with the sleeve of his white dress, which also had black marks running along the wrist. his hair was a total mess. by just the look of emiru he looked like he had just come back from rough sex or a terrible break, not the true reason for his horrible appearance. "kyooooka!" he snobbed quietly as he tried to walk straight.

Kyoka sighed as he absently listened to his english teacher drawl on about petty gramatical errors the class made, meanwhie using his essay as an example of accomplishment. he rested his head on his hand and glanced out the window into the hall just in time to see Emiru, a disheveled mess, stumbling down the hall. A worried expression crossed his face and he quickly raised his hand. "Excuse Me!" The teacher looked at him, fairly suprised by the outburst. "Yes." "I almost forgot. i have to leave..." he paused. when the teacher didn't respond he added a loud and resonant, "Now." Mr. soandso sweatdropped briefly before waving his hand allowing Kyoka to leave. Kyoka grumbled about teachers who had no idea about authority and quickly exited the room. he rushed down the hall to find his friend.

emiru sniffled again these time swigging a bunch of moistened snot his throat, which only made poor emiru feel even crapper. once more he rudded his blood shot eyes. crying did not suit emiru well. as he walked he leaned against a near by wall and finally lost his balance. and so he fell upon his knee. emiru ended up into a crying, sniffling mess not realizing what a show he was making. nor did he notice kyoka coming to his aim. he was still torn up over his horrible hair and now make up.

Kyoka watched the crying mass collapse to the floor and walked a little faster. Poor Emiru was not in good shape. he reached his friend and squatted down to his level. "What happened?" he grabbed Emiru by the shoulders and hoisted him up, "Come on, get up, whats going on?"

emiru felt someone grab and help him up. he quickly looked up to see his close friend kyoka. his prince kyoka come to his rescue. emiru started to whine and cry something not even emiru was sure what he had said but the one thing was clear was "UGLY!" emiru broke down again cried his little eyes out. he dug his face into kyoka chest trying to hide his face from the world.

Kyoka was a bit confused but he made out the word 'UGLY' and had little left to deduce. somethign had happend to Emiru's clothes or hair or makeup or whatever that had sent him into a mental breakdown. he slowly rubbed his back a little trying to calm him. "You're not ugly Emiru." he said soothingly. "Yeah you're a mess, but you're not ugly, ok. Come on, lets go get you cleaned up, ok."

emiru choke out couple more good snobs and looked up at kyoka. his lower lip was still trembling from all the crying he had been doing. he sniffled, getting ready to speak ".... you don't think i'm ugly?" emiru looked pleadingly. he fluttered his eye lashes a couple times, which was a natural reaction for emiru to do. he pouted slightly which gave him a cute, but whorish look

Kyoka almost laughed at the sight, however Kyoka didn't outwardly laugh often so he held it in check. "No, you're not ugly. you just need to fix your makeup and your hair and wash that sleeve." he nodded towards the eyeliner smudged all over it. A small smile twitched at his lips. "Come on." he said and slowly ushered Emiru in the direction of the bathroom. "A little soap and water and you'll be better than brand new." In a fleeting moment of humor he added, "And don't trip in those shoes."

emiru absentmindly let kyoka lead him to the boy's room. he let out a small whining sound "... but soap isn't to clean off my ugliness, kyoka-chan! ugly is skin deeeeeeeeeeeeep." emiru balled in tears. he didn't care if people thought he was insane, but ugly. ugly was a whole other ball park. ugly meant he couldn't get a boy or his math teacher. ugly was evil. and emiru didn't want to be feared, he wanted to be loved even worshipped

Kyoka didn't even blink at the out burst, he just told Emiru, "Soap will work. I promise." and pushed the door open for emiru. when emiru hesitated he pushed him forward and followed him in. he walked over to the papertowel dispencer and grabbed a few before wetting them. "Come here."

emriu sheepishly listened to kyoka command he sniffled a couple more time. "kyooooka... it-it isn't g-going to work." emiru crocked, which was very boy like. he stood up shakily and let emiru rub his face with the wetted paper towel's. emiru normally would have complained about the paper being to hard his sensitive skin, but ugly was worst than rough paper. he had flinched a couple times though

Kyoka saw Emiru flinch and tried to wipe a little softer. he was amazed at the rediculous amount of papertowels he went through just to clean off Emiru's face. he grunted a little and began soaping emiru's sleeve. the eyeliner wasn't comming off very well at first but with a little elbow grease it seemed to be vanishing quickly.after finishing with that he asked, "So before you do your makeup, do you have a hairbrush?"

emiru blinked stupidly at the words 'hairbrush'. he glanced at the mirror that hang above the sink. all of his smeared make up was washed off, even his little hearts. without his make up he really looked like an awkward teenage boy in lace white dress and long beach blonde hair. he shuddered he looked awfully without his beloved make up. he meekly went through his hand bag for a small hair brush, which look more like a medieval weapon. he pouted again, but this time not so whorish. he gently gave the hair brush to kyoka. "here..." he hissed. emiru was mad at his hair and the brush.

Kyoka took the brush and undid the disheveled ponytails... he brushed Emiru's hair through carefully and then redid it with unexpected skill. he dug in his pocket and produced a few bobby pins which he carefully placed for the finishing touch. "Now fix your make up and you'll be fine."

emriu glanced up at the mirror and took a look at kyoka's handy work. his hair looked perfect. more than perfect. emiru never knew that kyoka could do hair this great, for kyoka alway wore his down and with a huge top hat over most of his head. emiru tilted his head side to side judging it from different angels. he quickly turned to kyoka hugged the tall boy with his normally perkiness. "Thank you very much Kyoka-chan~!" emiru giggled and went straight to work with his make up. he had to work fast. his math teacher must be totally broken hearted that emiru never showed up for class.

Kyoka smiled and shook his head slightly. "When you're don get to class ok." he turned to leave but turned back to Emiru one last time, "And don't destroy yourself again. Please. For your sake and mine."

emiru tilted his head with curiousity from his eye shadow. your sake and mine? what did his friend mean? "kyoka-chan... anou?" emiru quickly finished his right eye and started his left. he was the queen of multi-tasking. he could put make up on, talk, and read all at the same if he really wanted too.

Kyoka shook his head and let a small smirk cross his face. "nothing. just finish up and get to class alright." Kyoka left the boys room and walked in the opposite direction of his classroom, going straight past many of the staff lurking in the shadows out to get the ditchers, however they were all afriaid of Kyoka so they never bothered him or Emiru.

emiru shrugged and quickly painted on three little hearts under his left eye. he also painted on his lips. emiru gave the boy in the mirror a good look. what was he talking about boy. there was a cute little girl with pigtails in the mirror. he giggled at his own stupidity. he rushed out the bathroom. he looked for kyoka and followed him in no time flat."oi! kyoka-chan! thank you very very much!" emiru yelled across the campus and giggled. just then a dull wind pick up and lightly blew on emiru's petticoat. he quickly placed his hand upon knees trying to keep his lacey dresses down.

Kyoka looked back when he heard Emiru calling him. he smirked a little. "Are you going to go to class or follow me?" he asked

emiru giggled. he totally forgot about his beloved math teacher. he waves politly good bye to darling, life saving kyoka and slowly, but gracfully, walked back to math. he now knew he'd knock all those stupid girls who were also lusting after his math teacher. beauty was such an important for all boys to have.

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2004-07-12 10:30 pm (UTC)
*laughs* i'm such a tard
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